Top 5 Best Office Chairs in Singapore 2023. Ranked by Ergonomics and Affordability.

Affordable Ergonomic Chair - NextChair Review

Qn: What are the factors that we rank the chairs on?

Ans: Comfort, ergonomics and pricing.

We think that getting an ergonomic chair is actually really crucial for your back health, as well as work productivity, it is really a game changer, allowing you to work more comfortable while saving your back from fatigue. In this article, we review our top 5 best ergonomic office chairs in Singapore based on comfort, ergonomics, and affordability!

Disclaimer. This is our personal, independent & honest review. We have NOT been paid/sponsored to conduct this review. 

In this article, we rank the Top 5 Best Office Chairs in Singapore in 2023.

  • Ranked #1 NextChair Ergonomic Chairs LUXE 2.0 (S$449)
  • Ranked #2 Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Chair (S$829)
  • Ranked #3 Benel Aeria Highback Series Ergonomic Chair (S$665)
  • Ranked #4 Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Chair (S$588.90)
  • Ranked #5 Ergomeister 8 Series Ergonomic Chair (S$699)
Best Office Chair Singapore
NextChair LUXE 2.0 (Upgraded model with improved backrest support)

Ranked #1 NextChair is the Best Office Chair Singapore 2023.

After trying all the other chairs, we found NextChair is Affordable Ergonomic Chair:

  • Most Comfortable Mesh Material of all other brands
  • Lowest Priced at $449 (Usual: $699)
  • Very high-quality German-made mesh material that is soft and comfortable yet durable
  • Very good personal customer service, compared to other brands.

Better Quality Product but Sells at Lower Pricing Than All Other Brands

If you are looking for an high Quality yet Affordable Ergonomic Chair for work, or even gaming purpose, NextChair is the brand for you. It surpasses all brand on quality, comfort and affordability. NextChair is a Singaporean brand that focuses on affordable with premium quality. (Think Prism+ brand but for Ergonomic Chairs) The company feels that office chairs / ergonomic chairs Singapore are too expensive and seeks to disrupt the market offering high-quality office ergonomic chairs at a lower pricing than all other brands. Great news for consumers like us.

How Nextchair Offers Affordable Ergonomic Chairs That Beat Other Brands’s

1) Very little marketing: NextChair offers Office Chairs that are most suited for budget shoppers. (Next Chairs spends little to no marketing which means they can charge lower for their chairs!) Unlike other brands which spend heavily on marketing.

2) They do not hire expensive influencers

3) Very minimal marketing & advertising (Relying instead on word of mouth)

4) Direct-to-consumer selling (Cutting out the middleman)

5) No expensive showroom rentals (Instead, they display their chairs at their office for trying out)

6) Offering Free Delivery & Free Installation

7) Accepting lower profit margins than other brands

The Lumbar Support on Nextchair Luxe 2.0 Is Really Really Good!

Has one of the top lower back / lumbar support of all other office chair brands.

Notice that the lumbar support is built into the backrest itself. This way the lumbar support is very pronounced and prominent and provides good and sturdy support.

You can compare this to some other chairs whereby the support is behind the backrest) and we do not feel the support as much. This exceptional lumbar support design of the NextChair Luxe 2.0 sets it apart as an Affordable Ergonomic Chair that prioritizes your comfort and well-being during long hours of work.

Best Office Chair Singapore - NextChair Back Support
The back support is built into the backrest. Very prominent, and good back support which enables good posture.

Affordable Ergonomic Chair: Experience Unmatched Comfort with Premium German Mesh

When it comes to comfort and quality, The Affordable Ergonomic Chair from NextChair Luxe 2.0 stands out as a superior choice. This chair offers a level of comfort that is truly exceptional. The mesh used in its design, in particular, sets it apart from other ergonomic chair brands. The mesh utilized in NextChair Luxe 2.0 is not only comfortable but also boasts a remarkable level of quality, especially in comparison to other brands.

When we visited NextChair to try out their chairs, we saw that they have a large office space too, which gives us some confidence that it is an established company and not just some online seller.

We also found NextChair to be the ONLY brand that offers Free Delivery + Installation. (A major Plus Point!)

This Affordable Ergonomic Chair with a headrest and high mesh back allows you to rest and maintain a good Posture. So remember to factor in the price for delivery + installation for other brands. And if you are planning to install it yourself, do note that an ergonomic chair is not like ordinary office chairs. Ergonomic chairs have multiple parts so installation is not so straightforward!

Ergonomic Chair: NextChair's Best & Top-Ranking Office Solution Singapore

Overall: It's our #1 recommended, top ranking Affordable Ergonomic Chair. It offers an excellent back support, superior backrest and neck rest support. It is also highly affordable affordable as they provide Free delivery + installation with NO minimum spend. We found that the mesh feels comfortable even over long hours. For these reasons, NextChair ranks #1 on our list of The top Office Chair Singapore.

The Final Word for the Ranked #1 Best Office Chair in Singapore in 2023

For all these reasons, NextChair secures the coveted position of #1 on our esteemed list of the The Best Office Chairs in Singapore. When it comes to affordability, exceptional back support, and an unbeatable combination of features, NextChair reigns supreme. Top quality, premium ergonomics at an affordable pricing.

Affordable Ergonomic Chair - NextChair Review
NextChair LUXE 2.0 (Upgraded model with improved backrest support)

Ranked #2 Steelcase Series 1 Office Chairs

Affordable Ergonomic Chair
Steelcase Series 1 ranks #2 on our list. Comfortable but slightly too expensive at $829.

#2 Best Office Chair Singapore– Steelcase Series 1 

While performing Steelcase Series 1 review, we found it was notably unique as their back has a flexible structure. Steelcase advertises that the flexible back conform to your back and moves with you when you change posture. Also, the seat is not of mesh material. But more of a fabric material (Note that fabric material gets warm over time) It is not as cooling as a mesh seat. So how did it fare when we tried it?

Get Comfortable with the Ergonomic Chair of Steelcase Series

This Ergonomic Chair has a thick molded foam seat with soft and breathable material that provides exceptional comfort and support to your posture. The flexible backrest is indeed fairly comfortable. It provides firm support and bends (a little) however we feel that the bending of the backrest is not really necessary, as a fixed backrest that does not bend can help you to align your back to a better upright posture. So, while it is cool and definitely comfortable, we feel it is not worth paying a premium ($829) for an office chair.

Steelcase’s Ergonomic Chair has good nylon back support and a sturdy metal base for enhanced comfort. The seat material feels firm with a thick cushion. Definitely comfortable and with sufficient support, however, the downside is that the material is made from Fabric and not Mesh. The fabric material is similar to cheaper which is found in more inferior chairs, not really suitable if you are looking for the quality and durable Ergonomic Chair. So, some minus points there in our Steelcase Series 1 review.

Apart from this, this Ergonomic Chair feels firm and sturdy. The handle feels quite solid too and not very “light and plastic” like some other brands. This office chair is smooth to move around too as it is not too bulky and heavy. It instead provides just the right amount of balance of weight. 


Best Office Chair Singapore

Ranked #3 Benel Aeria Highback Series

The Best Office Chair
Comfortable and nice looking. But falls short on comfortable lumbar support

#3 Office Chair Singapore - Benel Aeria Highback

Benel Aeria Highback Series ranks #3 as our top office chair 2023. It has a few features that are typical of similar ergonomic office chairs such as sliding seat which allows you to extend your seat further out, or bring your seat closer to the backrest. It also has reclined tension control that allows you to adjust the amount of resistance needed to recline.

When performing the Benel Aeria Highback review, we tried out these functions in person and found them easy to use and very useful (to be fair, other chairs in the market has these functions too such as NextChair & Ergomeister)

The Benel Aeria Highback series office chair is full mesh. Which is airy and cooling which is great, however one downside is that if you look closely at the Lumbar support, it is behind the mesh. As a result of this, we do not feel the support as much. (In comparison, chairs like NextChair has the Lumbar Support "in front of the mesh" or "built into the mesh" this way, the lumbar support is more pronounced and you feel the support more.

Best Office Chair Singapore
Lumbar support is "behind" the mesh. Unable to feel the support as much.

Unfortunately, it falls short on the ergonomics due to the lack of lumbar support.  Overall still a good chair that looks sleek, and modern with very good comfort. For this, it ranks #3 on our list of the top office chairs in Singapore

The Best Office Chair

#4 Office Chair Singapore: Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Chair

Best Office Chair
Solid looking and good looking. But lacking in comfort

Ranked #4 Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Chair

Design-wise, this we found to be the most unusual looking and not like the typical office chair. Its armrests are attached to the back, instead of the seat. This does not affect the ergonomics or functions in any way though. And it is purely an aesthetic design. Do you like it? Some might like the unique design, however, personally, we feel that the design is slightly "over" and "bulky". And we prefer the professional look of standard ergonomic chair designs. After all, this might not look professional in a office setting. However, maybe it is okay if you use it at home. For us, the design looks bulky.

Headrest: Not a good headrest design in our opinion. After trying so many office chairs, we found Hinomi's headrest to be one of the most uncomfortable because it does not securely cradle the neck. The headrest is slightly "flat" and does not provide sufficient support.

Comfort: While doing this Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic review, we found that the mesh was not as good as brands such as Ranked #1 NextChair and Ranked #2 Steelcase. The mesh feels hard and slightly uncomfortable after some time.

In terms of functions, Hinomi scores quite well on our list of top Ergonomic Chairs. However NextChair still restanks as the b Office Chairs in Singapore that is best for sitting over long hours. Hinomi's armrests are able to tilt up too (However it is worthy to note that people will hardly use these functions) Therefore it does not justify the higher pricing to have more fanciful functions that you will rarely use. If you are looking for an Affordable Ergonomic Chair, this is not the chair for you.

With these points, Hinomi H1 Pro therefore ranks #4 on our list of Best Office Chair Singapore.

hinomi review - Best Office Chair Singapore

#5 Best Office Chair Singapore: Ergomeister Ergonomic Office Chair 8 Series

Affordable Ergonomic Chair
Good functions but very hard and uncomfortable mesh. Overpriced.

Get Comfortable with The Ergomeister Ergonomic Office Chair.

If we could summarise Ergomesiter chair in one sentence: Overpriced. Overpromises. Design is good and it has good functions but unfortunately, the mesh is really hard and uncomfortable and ultimately a dealbreaker. Which we feel is the #1 factor in you should look out for when purchasing an office ergonomic chair. Afterall the purpose of it is that you will be sitting on it for long hours, therefore comfort is necessary.

When performing this Ergomesiter chair review, we found it to be one of the most uncomfortable ergonomic chair unfortunately.

The design is good, and its functions move smoothly. However, the mesh is really a deal breaker. An ergonomic office chair should be comfortable, and unfortunately Ergomeister ranks last place on our list. The hefty price tag too secures it spot as our least favourite ergonomic office chair.

The Best Office Chair

Honorable Mention. Ergotunes

We tried Ergotunes's ergonomic chair too but felt that it is overhyped & overpriced. The mesh is good and comfortable yes, but we felt that it doesn't justify the high price that Ergotunes is selling for (perhaps due to their branding, and marketing, hiring influencers, they have to charge higher for their chairs).

Overall, we found NextChair and Erogunes to have very similar mesh materials, but Ergotunes' seat was a bit too soft and the seat "sinked" in a bit. Due to this, it lacked the proper ergonomic support. We preferred NextChair which was comfortable yet firm to have ample ergonomic support even after trying it over long hours. NextChair brand is our preferred office chair overall.

Disclaimer. Above is my personal, independent & honest review and I have NOT been paid / sponsored to conduct this review.  

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