The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Showdown: Hinomi vs Ergotune vs NextChair

The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Showdown: Hinomi vs Ergotune vs NextChair

Searching for an ergonomic chair? In the quest for optimal comfort and productivity, finding the right ergonomic chair is paramount. With a plethora of options on the market, it can be challenging to navigate through the sea of choices. In this in depth review, we will compare Singapore’s leading three top-tier brands — Hinomi Vs Ergotune Vs NextChair — to help you make an informed decision.

This review is based on 4 factors:

  1. Comfort
  2. Features
  3. Ergonomics
  4. Affordability

*Disclaimer. This is not a sponsored review. We have not been paid by any brands to write this review. It is our personal and honest opinion.

For those who are in a rush, here’s the final result of our review:

Our favourite choice is NextChair ergonomic chair. High quality, comfortable, very durable with very good after sales service. It comes with free delivery & installation, it looks sleek and modern, very comfortable. And is the most affordable of all brands. Ticking all the boxes of a superior ergonomic chair.


Hinomi SGD500+ to SGD619 (Excluding delivery + Installation!)

Ergotune SGD500+ to SGD599 (Excluding delivery + Installation!)

NextChair SGD429 (Inclusive of delivery + Installation!)

In one sentence: Our favourite ergonomic chair. High quality at affordable pricing. Everything you need in an ergonomic chair with no unnecessary features.

This article was written after trying our NextChair’s Luxe 2.0 model for over 2 weeks. This article is based on our personal opinion.

When trying it for our NextChair review, we found that NextChair ticks all the boxes of a premium ergonomic chair at affordable pricing. Priced a good $100 to $200 cheaper than Hinomi H1 Pro and Ergotune Supreme V3 PLUS it includes free delivery & installation with no minimum spend!
In contrast, comparing Ergotune Supreme V3 review Vs Hinomi H1 Pro review, both brands charge extra for either delivery or installation, making them more expensive.

NextChair: Premium quality at affordable pricing:

So how does NextChair manage to charge a lower pricing but offer high quality?
In preparation of this NextChair review, we visited their office to try out their chairs before purchasing and as explained by the salesperson when we visited, NextChair operates differently from the conventional model. This allows them to significantly reduce their operating cost.

  1. Straight to consumer pricing. They sell mainly online, cutting out the middleman and unnecessary costs.
  2. They do not have a showroom. They instead display their chairs at their office (and converted a room into a “Showroom”) This allows them to save a significant amount on rental. This way, they are able to sell their chairs at a lower prices but still remain profitable.
  3. Low to minimal marketing expenses. We also found that NextChair only spends very little on marketing. They do not spend on expensive Youtube ads / influencers etc. This allows them to save on marketing costs and pass the savings to customers. (The downside of this is that their brand may not be as “well known” as other brands such as Hinomi Vs Ergotune) However as explained by their salespeople, this is the brand’s direction. To cater premium quality ergonomic chairs to the masses at lower prices.

This kind of reminds us of the “Prism” brand of TVs, which disrupted the market with high quality TVs / monitor screens but at significantly lower prices. NextChair seems to be disrupting the industry by offering same premium quality ergonomic chairs, but at lower prices. So I guess it works well if you don’t really mind not sitting on a “branded” chair -> To us it was perfectly fine, having a “Branded name” did not matter to us. And we did not appreciate paying a premium just for a “Branded name” but at the same quality. After all, a chair is a chair. Right?

Well some others might differ in opinion, that’s alright too, we just personally do not feel that paying a more for a branded name is worth it. 

Really good quality mesh material!

When it comes to the quality of mesh material, NextChair emerged as our top choice. We found that the mesh material on the seat and backrest surpassed that of Hinomi and Ergotune in terms of quality (at a more affordable price). In our NextChair’s review, we found that it was comfortable, soft, and very durable. It is pleasantly soft to the touch, which gives a smooth texture which is comfortable on the skin (but surprisingly strong!) In the showroom, the salesperson (approx. 90KG) stood and jumped on the mesh and it held up strong!

In comparison, in our Ergotune review, we found their mesh material was too soft for our liking, this results in the mesh seat sinking down quite a bit when sitting on the chair. And in our Hinomi review on mesh seat on the other hand, we found it the mesh too rough and hard (in our personal opinion) which is quite rough on the skin.

Top Features we enjoyed about NextChair Ergonomic Chair:

  • Soft yet firm German AirMesh material. Very comfortable even over long hours
  • Large seat that allows you to sit cross legged
  • Very good lumbar support. NextChair’s lumbar support is prominent. In comparison, when performing our Ergotune review, we didn’t feel much support from the lumbar support
  • Neat little bag / coat hanger at the back of the chair

Summary of our NextChair review:

*Disclaimer. This article was written after trying our NextChair’s Luxe 2.0 model for over 2 weeks and this article reflects our personal opinion.

When reviewing NextChair, we basically found little to no reason for people to get Hinomi or Ergotune brands as these 2 brands we found are overpriced and not necessarily better. Comparing Hinomi Vs Ergotune, we found that both chairs have additional but unnecessary features not needed that only makes their chairs more expensive. For NextChair, we get a solid, premium quality and very comfortable ergonomic chair at a very good price (Inclusive of Free delivery + Installation with no min spend!)

1) Comfort: 4.5/5
2) Features 4/5
3) Ergonomics 4.5/5
4) Affordability 6/5!
Total: 19/20 Stars

NextChair LUXE 2.0 (Upgraded model with improved backrest support)

Ranked #2 Hinomi:

Hinomi chair review
NextChair LUXE 2.0 (Upgraded model with improved backrest support)

In one sentence, good quality but with unnecessary features and overpriced.
When preparing for our Hinomi review, we visited their showroom at Pasir Panjang to try out the chairs. Nice showroom, but as per our point above, showroom = extra rental costs = higher priced chairs. So essentially you are paying a premium above what is necessary. (Unless you are into "branded" stuff. As essentially you are paying higher for the brand name  Prices of Hinomi H1 Pro start from SGD599 and EXCLUDES Delivery / Installation. 


With that said, Hinomi H1 Pro feels good and quite comfortable with many features that allows you to customise it to your body posture. 2 unique features unique to Hinomi are the flip up armrest and foot rest. Comparing Himomi Vs Ergotune Vs NextChair, only Hinomi has these 2 features.

Pros of flip up arm rests and foot rest

  • Flip up armrests can be useful when you are leaning back in your chair to play games on your phone, as the armrests provides support.
  • Foot rest is quite self explanatory, it allows you to lean back and put your feet up. Good for relaxing, however we feel that if you are in office, rarely you will put your leg up in a corporate environment. Maybe you can use it at home, but at home perhaps you might just want to lie on your bed instead? 


  • How often will you use them? Is it worth paying more for them? Take note that Hinomi is priced approx. SGD100 to SGD200 more than NextChair and SGD100+ more than Ergotune (excluding delivery / installation charges)
  • Due to the flip up armrest and footrests, Hinomi chair also looks bulkier compared to NextChair Vs Ergotune. The armrest stand is thick and bulky (Does not look as streamlined as the 2 other brands) and the footrest can block your way when you place your feet under your chair)
  • We asked many people around us and in our office. Majority of the people said that it is good to have but they are not likely to use it. Even people with existing chairs that have footrests do not use them after a while of owning the chair

Our verdict: These features do not justify the higher price

Hinomi chair review

Unfortunately self assembly or pay additional for assembly

Hinomi chair review

Hinomi H1 Pro 


In terms comfort, we found that the mesh material was slightly rough and hard for our liking. After sitting on it for a period of time, it got quite uncomfortable. We too have some slight concerns about the quality of the frame too and it seems slightly “creaky such as the seat and back frame. The quality does not feel very sturdy and solid.

Comparing comfort amongst both runner up brands Hinomi Vs Ergotune review, we would rank NextChair’s Comfort as #1, followed up Ergotune #2 and Hinomi #3. 

specifically. #1 NextChair Luxe 2.0. Comparing Hinomi H1 Pro Vs Ergotune Supreme V3, Hinomi ranks #2 and Ergotune ranks #3.

There were also quite a few complaints upon researching further. These included sales service such as slow replies. not honouring warranty request, slow deliveries. Etc


In summary, we found Hinomi to be overpriced. They do have good points for sure such as the good features. However as we mentioned, we did not use them. Therefore it feels unnecessary to have such features and pay extra for them. It is worthy to note also that Hinomi seems to do quite abit of marketing. When a company does a lot of marketing, it is usually the end consumer (Us) that pays for it in the form of higher product pricing. So just take that in mind.

1) Comfort: 3.5/5
2) Features 3.5/5
3) Ergonomics 4/5
4) Affordability 2.5/5!
Total: 13.5/20 Stars

Ranked #3 Ergotune:

Ergotune Supreme V3 Review
Steelcase Series 1 ranks #2 on our list. Comfortable but slightly too expensive at $829.

In one sentence: Great for those looking for a branded ergonomic chair. Good quality but overpriced as you are paying for the brand. 
Ergotune perhaps is the most well known brand of Ergonomic chairs in Singapore. As they were one of the pioneers of ergonomic chairs in Singapore. However with the entrants of other brands like NextChair and Hinomi who are more attuned to the newer age of consumers, we are afraid to say that Ergotune have been overthrown from the first position.


They seem to be lowering their pricing over the years, however they are still expensive and overpriced.

  • Hinomi H1 Pro: SGD500+ to SGD619 (Excluding delivery + Installation!)
  • Ergotune Supreme V3: SGD500+ to SGD599 (Excluding delivery + Installation!)
  • NextChair Luxe 2.0: SGD429 (Inclusive of delivery + Installation!)

It is worthy to note that when comparing both runner up brands, Hinomi Vs Ergotune review, we visited Ergotune showroom and as mentioned above, the fact that they have a showroom means that they have to sell their chairs more expensive as they have to cover rental costs. In comparison, do read our NextChair review above as NextChair does not have rental costs. (They display their chairs at their office for customers to try) Saving on rental and passing on the savings to consumers.


When conducting this Ergotune review, we found that in terms of comfort, comparing Ergotune Vs Hinomi review of mesh material, we preferred Ergotune’s as it seems softer. However it does seem slightly too soft as it tends to sink in when sitting down (for a group of us. We weigh around 50KG to 80KG) 

We had a heavier colleague above 100KG test out the chair, but the mesh sinks too far in for him. For us (lighter people) it has been 2 weeks but its yet to be seen whether the mesh will sag for us (Our weights range from 50KG to 80KG)

In comparison, of Hinomi Vs NextChair, Hinomi’s mesh did not sink as much (but also because their Mesh as mentioned was harder and abit too rough for our liking so it was slightly uncomfortable especially if you wear shorts/skirt) As we felt it was slightly abrasive on the back of your legs.

NextChair’s mesh did not sink as much too, and NextChair’s mesh was a lot more comfortable. Soft yet very durable (even for our heavier colleague above 100KG, the mesh did not sink as much as Ergotune’s)


Comparing the features of Hinomi Vs Ergotune review, both brands have good features.
Specific to Ergotune Supreme V3 review, they have an armrest that pivots 270° This allows you to support your arms while gaming. Another feature that Ergotune has is that the lumbar support has an adjustable height.

Pros of flip armrest that pivots 270° and height adjustable lumbar support

  • Provides support when gaming
  • Height adjustable lumbar support


  • Once again, good to have, but worth paying more for it? It’s a hard no for us as we will hardly use these 2 features:
  • We did not utilise the height adjustable lumbar to move it up or down because we found that at the default height, it fits good enough. This is similar to other brands Hinomi and NextChair.
  • As long as you are within the height range of 150cm to 190cm, the default height of the lumbar support should fit you. Therefore the adjustable height function is another unnecessary feature that you are paying more for.

Our verdict: These features do not justify the higher price

Ergotune chair review

Ergotunes also does not come with free delivery / installation

Ergotune Review

Ergotune Supreme V3



When conducting this Ergotune review, we reviewed their most popular model the Ergotune Supreme V3 and looked at 4 areas namely: Comfort, features, ergonomic and affordability. However we personally feel that Ergotune ranks behind Hinomi and NextChair in these 4 aspects. It is also overpriced and overhyped. Due to these reasons. Our NextChair review ranks as our top ergonomic chair, and in the battle between Hinomi Vs Ergotune review, Ergotune places last. 

1) Comfort: 3/5
2) Features 3.5/5
3) Ergonomics 3/5
4) Affordability 3/5!
Total: 12.5/20 Stars


Final Review Verdict out of 20 Stars
Hinomi Vs Ergotune Vs NextChair:

#1 NextChair Luxe 2.0 (19/20 Stars)

#2 Hinomi H1 Pro (13.5/20 Stars)

#3 Ergotune Supreme V3 (12.5/20 Stars)

*Disclaimer. This is not a sponsored review. We have not been paid by any brands to write this review. It is our personal and honest opinion.

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