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NextChair Review
Without compromising on quality, here are 5 main reasons how on they keep their costs so low 

NextChair - The Lowest Priced Ergonomic Chair in Singapore. My Honest NextChair Review and why it is my favourite ergonomic chair brand

You might have heard about NextChair. The latest ergonomic chair has seemingly shaken up the ergonomic chair industry in Singapore by becoming the lowest priced Ergonomic chair in Singapore. From their website, it is revealed that they utilize high-end German Mesh materials for their seats (presumably more expensive than other brands) 

So how do they keep their costs so low?

1) No advertising or marketing costs 

2) No physical shops (however they have a small showroom where you can try out their chairs in person) 

3) No middleman 

4) Free delivery + Installations 

5) They absorb lower profit margins. (While it is not revealed how much profit margin they get, they only profit roughly half of the profit, compared to other brands)

These are some of the main reasons it was revealed, how they manage to charge so low for a high quality ergonomic chair, which is just as good (if not better) than other ergonomic chairs in the market. This NextChair review contains a lot of technicalities on Ergonomic chairs which I personally experienced.

Breakdown of Key Features of NextChair

The mesh design of this chair allows air to flow freely, preventing you from becoming as sweaty and uncomfortable as you would in a traditional office chair. If you look closely, the mesh design is actually quite cool and that’s my honest NextChair Review.

1) Easily adjustable headrest height and angle

The headrest height adjusts easily. Pull up on the headrest to bring it up, and push it down to lower it.

The angle of the head rest is able to be tilted up and down. The tilting mechanism is very user friendly and easy to tilt, so you can customize a position that fits you. Overall, the headrest is really comfortable too and cradles the neck very well.


2) Neck is well supported

NextChair Review
The mesh feels soft and comfortable when resting on

 The support on the head rest is really good and comfortable too. It cradles my neck really well. Firm yet soft and comfortable and providing ample support.

The mesh material on the headrest also feels soft, luxurious and breathable. It is also quite sturdy and firm. 

Overall, I find the head rest cradles my neck very well, and provides firm support. It is also easy to find a position that fits me perfectly.

Notice the curve on the headrest

3) Adjustable Lumbar Support

This is an important feature that I felt that I really loved. Adjustable Lumbar Support which is just genius. Simply adjust the lumbar support to where the arch in your lower back is.

4) Backrest is able to tilt forward, supporting your back even when you lean forward

This is an important feature that I felt that I really loved. Not many chairs have this feature. Many ergonomic chairs will provide back support when leaning back. But how about when you are leaning forward in your chair? NextChair has a function that allows that backrest to slightly tilt forward. This provides support to your back even when you are leaning forward at your desk

5) Back Recline with Tension Control

While reviewing NextChair's ergonomic chairs, I found this to be one of my favourite feature so though to add it in my NextChair Review here. The back recline has a tension control so you can control how hard or easy it is to recline your chair. Why is this important? After all, you want to be comfortable so the last thing you need is leaning back, and your chair reclines all the way down. Or, having to so much effort just to recline your chair. So this tension control feature essentially allows you to customise how hard or easy it is to recline - Also important as everyone's body weight is different.

6) 3D Armrest with soft and comfortable support.

NextChair also comes with 3D Armrest (3 Dimension Armrest) for a total of 3 directions. (1) Forward and backwards (2) Tilts to 45 degrees left and right (3) Moves up and down. This is a feature now seen in many premium ergonomic chairs. In this NextChair review, I also tested how smooth it moves. Glad to say that the armrests glides really well, making it easy to change directions easily, while giving it a premium feel. The armrests itself are soft and comfortable too.

7) Sliding Seat

Sliding seat function. This is not available in many chairs. Gaming chairs do not come with this function and only advanced ergonomic chairs come with this sliding seat function. It is really useful though. Basically, it allows you to adjust the distance between the seat and the back of the chair. Long legs like myself? When I was doing this NextChair Review, I found myself loving this feature. 

This is because I find that on normal chairs, my legs tend to hang off the seat as they can be too short for me. With this sliding seat function, I can seat comfortably. And I am sure if works both ways. For someone with shorter legs, they can adjust the distance to ensure they get ample support. 

Just one of the many reasons why I really like the new NextChair ergonomic chars. 

My Conclusion: 

After reviewing so many ergonomic / gaming chairs out there, I can safely say that NextChair is one of my favourite.

At this price point, they level of ergonomic and comfort is really one of the best I ever tried, of course, if you compare with other chairs that cost $800+ or even $1000+, then those chairs will have better ergonomics for sure. But as per my personal experience, this one is just the best and I stand on my words for this NextChair Review.

But comparing within its own class range, comparing with other brands like Ergotunes, Hinomi, Ergomiester. etc, which is around the $500-$800 range, then I would say that NextChair is the clear winner. 

Overall, NextChair is more affordable, yet with better ergonomics, better mesh comfort and durability. Clear winner. Hands down. 

Disclaimer. Above is my personal, independent & honest review and I have NOT been paid / sponsored to conduct this review.  

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